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About Us

We believe your loved ones deserve to live lives of dignity, engagement and integrity. We have found extraordinary caregivers who truly want to enrich the lives of your loved ones. Always striving to be of help and service, we take care to listen and communicate so that we can match you with a caregiver who will best support your family. We take pride in creating a warm and supportive community where seniors will feel cherished and respected. Welcome.

Smiling Elderly Woman

Our Story

Pride and Care began with a vision to provide exceptional care for seniors in our community. My caregiving journey began with taking care of my own parents. It was a difficult but often beautiful time and I learned first hand which aspects of care are most critical to improving the lives of seniors and their families. I went on to carefully build a caregiving agency that could provide meaningful and individualized care for each senior. I assembled a team of compassionate and experienced caregivers and together we have built a community that can support families throughout their


                 --Anita (founder)

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